November 01, 2014

One-Act Play

I always thought a one night stand was cramming an entire relationship into a single night. You know, it starts with you hesitant to share your most intimate and private parts with a stranger; but you do it anyway and it ends, inevitably with him leaving. It is a sort of challenge I think, ultimately designed to save time.

Your life story has to be packaged into a summary, the important stories on your timeline arranged in boldfaced color-coded seconds and minutes. You recite the script with appropriate pauses in this one-act play with a very interactive audience. Time becomes absolute here, encased within and defined by set hours. Other bodily functions must be turned off or running at bare minimum. The only rule is that all things begin and all things end, this with more surety than most.

As time begins to run out, and after a (long or short) performance, you know he cannot linger around. He will be tired too. Exhausted from all the pretending and defenses and bruises from the oldest game. Eager for his warm bed that has no "feelings" or "expectations", just open arms and a cold, dead heart.

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