August 24, 2009

The Hippie

Great balls of fire
Great balls of lead
Secret desire
Burning in red

A cigarette is lit
A cigarette is flicked
Hope becomes ashes
As another is picked

Covered in warmth
Covered in straw
Ice under the crust
Hatred is raw

Dark is the corner
Dark is the hole
The hippie in the limo
He lightens my soul


freudian slip said...

very ballad- like.
loved this poem.
great blog.

p.s : i love swearing and like girls who swear like this.. i sometimes think i have coprolalia. so do u. don't you?

mania said...


deluded said...

oh yes. you KNEW beforehand that we'd see double meanings here and there ;)

nice poem.


congratulations! Dr. crow

Pavitra .... said...

Awesome! Loved it...!!!
Doctor finally ha!

mania said...

Yes, congrats on being the real doctor finally!! Its a long way still to go. All the best.

PinkLovesParis said...

Hello hello :) Funny, I have an hour left to stdy for my finance exam tomo and I remembered you!!! Do come visit sometime, and let me know in FB when you're in the US.

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