December 27, 2008


(For my mom's mother - my giving, uncomplaining, angelic grandma, for Karen's mom - who was warm like my own, and for my professor's aunt whose painful death inspired him to become an excellent oncosurgeon. All these wonderful women died of cancer. God bless their souls.)

Malignant cells
Proliferate and rain down
Into the crimson
I swirl to the floor
Leave a patch here
Leave a patch there
And we all begin to grow

I become big
Me becomes many
We migrate
In search of new prey
A neuron here
A piece of bone there
The signs begin to show

A frenzied dancing
Graceful undulations
I laugh wildly
My army is strong
She becomes tired
She becomes weak
Then she is no more

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Pavitra Ramkumar said...

i'm really sorry to hear all this.....
hope they find a cure soon......
nice poem btw....

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