October 29, 2008

Six Things You Didn't Know About Me Meme

This works by me telling you six things you didn't know about me, and then I put up links of six people I know with interesting blogs. I also link back to the person who linked me. So thank you Grace. She is, btw, one of the nicest people whose blog I have been following. Pretty and witty.
Okay, here are the six things.
1. My dog Frooty died nearly eight years ago and I still sometimes cry about it.
2. I'm an ENFP according to the Myers-Briggs typology test. Check yours on the Humanmetrics site.
3. I give homeless people a LOT of my money
4. I am a happy person. (you'll be surprised. I really am. Even though I cry.)
5. I really believe that in Heaven, you can eat whatever you want for free
6. My toes need to be covered when I sleep :)

Joe Plork: I don't think he actively blogs anymore but his stuff is sooooooo funny.
DJ Arabia: Good friend of mine... writes about the stuff that happens in college mostly.
College Call Girl: Sometimes raunchy, sometimes hilarious, sometimes touching. I love this one.
Angry Fat Girls: Dealing with being plus size
Concosm of Creation: Sharath and his moody beautiful things.


Stefan said...

I'm ESFJ, don't meet many homeless ppl but don't give em my money i just serve em food, and i think that in heaven we can keep eating and never get full :)

aura said...

happy person?! since wen ;-p

Anonymous said...

i AM a happy person. Like for three minutes every day. so yeah.

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