October 24, 2008

The Hamadryad's Cry

I'm that girl you suddenly see
When you're looking at a sketch of some tree
My body is woven into the wood
Yet my soul is free

It runs in the veins of my shiny leaves
It flies in tandem with the greatest ease
Along-side the tender swallow

My limbs will not move to music
Arms raised in constant need
Forbidding sky, won't you embrace me
Snow, fall down and numb my night
Spring must winter follow

The woodcutter came one dreary day
He brought his trembling axe
Down it came, a bloody blow
I screamed in silent hate

Look, look, the tree is crying
He said to his little brave boy
There's really no reason to be this sad
Shook their heads and together moved on
They will never know sorrow

My unruly curls are raked by the wind
My trunk stands tall and proud
I have no place to hang my head
I am the weeping willow

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