September 15, 2008

Wandering Lover

For Marvin the Paranoid Android.. I would have cared.

Come with me to see the Universe
Take a ride on a shooting star
Watch the Earth blow up in pieces
On front-row seats eating Snickers on Mars

Let's cruise on Pluto's waterless oceans
Wearing shoes made of velvet cheese
We'll make fierce love under silken covers
On branches of ugly Venusian tress

I'll tell you tales of my thousand lives
As we down blue whiskey from Saturn's breweries
We'll get wasted on the second biggest asteroid
And feed each other Neptune Blackberries

We'll smoke some of that fine Io weed
Listening to Bob Dylan screw with our brains
I'll twirl a mile into the dense lithium
Landing high on the Great Phobos Plain

Over our planet remains we'll hover
Blowing brick bubbles about the place
There's you and me and all other matter
Only thing I see is your care-worn face

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