September 09, 2008

Ode to Pediatric Ward

(Dedicated to Rhea, on account of her misfortunes)

This kid has a bandage on his head
All covered up but nowhere to hide
Spittle's on his hand and his upper lip is two
His kidney's missing some parts too
They broke his skull with a drill
And said they're making it better
But he'll not what you call normal
And he isn't going to be

This baby has Down's Syndrome
Quite a common occurence, they say
Her I.Q is way below
And she'll never be a surgeon
Like you or me or her brother
These children are happy children
"Life is not as complex"
No it's sure not, see her smiling so
And two and twenty make five

Look at this newborn baby
His body is all blue
His stomach's completely out
As he has no abdominal wall
They're looking at the clock
And waiting for the stork to come back
To carry him and stuff him into the mud
He's taking up too much space
The senior resident shakes his head
It's all too much

There's a mother crying
It's her third child and he's emerged
From the innermost part of her
More precious than any heart
A womb, a tiny Big Bang
He slid down her bloody canal
And entered the first Hell he'll know
She smiles as she holds him close
Let's all just live for now


divya said...

amazing poetry skills,potraying the harsh reality of life in the best way possible!

Anonymous said...

nice...dont like the last para much...should have just been bout one

Anonymous said...

then it would have been sad.. they always have happy endings..

Anonymous said...

why oh why is it dedicated to me

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